November- Scholars Spotlight

Sight Word Wizard Of The Month- Jayleeann Pulinario

Jayleeann Pulinario demonstrates an understanding of organization and basic features of print, she also shows an emerging understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds (phonemes). Jayleeann shows great interest in writing letters to her family, she asks the teachers in the room how to spell different words and writes it on paper. She motivates the other students, because they try to do the same as well. Jayleeann is a leader and a very inquisitive young person.

Most Polite and Caring Scholar- Isaac Sanchez

Isaac is a calm, and soft spoken individual. He is helpful towards his teachers and friends. He shows care and affection when he knows they are not well or need help. He also enjoys being creative with the Lego builders and the Bristle builders. Isaac loves playing guessing games and bingo.

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