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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Starlight Scholars Learning About Self and Independence

This month our scholars are learning about themselves and their independence. One of the simplest ways to foster independence and help to develop critical thinking skills in preschoolers is by offering them choices that you both can live with. Through independence, children get to enhance their skills, learn right and wrong, develop their personalities, and make decisions. To learn the ways of life, children need to experience life. This way they will grow up strong, and ready to take on life challenges emotionally secured and happy.

Preschoolers are beginning to develop a complex sense of self and also learning that they can have multiple social identities. Social identities like their gender, age, race, or physical features that they may have. Some children may be encouraged to strongly identify with these parts of their identities, but it is also important to remind all children that they have many different identities. Each one of our social indentities is beautiful and is a positive aspect of who they are.

This month as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and the season of Fall, scholars will continue to explore and learn about themselves and their personal interest.

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