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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Liamny Ramirez- 3k Gators Remote

In our remote class, students were asked to make playdough from scratch. Liamny not only made playdough, but she use it to make shapes and objects. As we get off to a great start this school year, playdough is something that is great for young children.

The benefits of playdough are numerous. What is it that makes this wonderful substance a favorite for messy play and what are they learning while molding it? It builds creativity and helps to develop fine motor skills in young children.

Liamny is an adorable child, who has attended daily to remote class along with her parents. She is able to communicate with her teachers and her peers. She greets the class whenever she arrives on Google Meet. She is always excited to participate and eager to learn.

She posts her work almost every day and she enjoys doing the activities from the Classroom Stream post on Google Classroom. This picture shows her making homemade Playdough with her older brother & playing with it!

Leah Guevara - Pre-K(4) Gator's Remote

This is Leah Guevara Lora, a Pre-K student in Gators Remote class. Leah loves to draw and she is an active participant in the class daily. We are highlighting Leah for her creativity and warm welcoming personality. She attends class everyday and enjoys doing all of her assignments with the constant support of her family. Leah is our Artist of the Month!

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